About Me

I don’t even know how to introduce myself. I guess I will start with a simple “Hi”.

Hi, I’m Gabriel Mihalcea, operating under the alias “LovelyScape” and I am a drone lover and FPV pilot. I can’t consider myself too much of an FPV pilot as compared to some others, but I love flying FPV drones and create FPV cinematic content. I also love to study and research everything related to FPV and drones.

I used to fly a ‘regular’ DJI drone (Mavic air) for quite some time and only at the beginning of 2021 I leaned towards FPV because I am an adrenaline rush junkie and I love to see the world from another perspective.

There is so much information I want to cover in this blog to help you and other drone or FPV pilots out there with different issues, how to build or repair and how to get better at flying. I am not inclined towards FPV racing, at least not for now, but as I’ve said, I love creating FPV cinematic content and acro freestyle.

Now, let me write a little about myself, to know me as a person.

I used to be in the photography and videography business for the last 5 years. I’ve sold my photography blog with the ideation in mind to create this blog related to drones and FPV flying/repairing.

Currently, I live in the UK, Hastings area, where I’ve been lived for the past 6 years. But I am not a British person. I am Romanian, therefore, English is my second language. I hope I am not doing bad regarding that.

I have a bucket list like everyone and one of the biggest challenges is to travel full-time and capture the most beautiful sceneries with my FPV drones. And I will make sure to hard work towards that. However, I have one “flaw” (as some other people consider): I love to help others, sometimes a bit too much. Therefore, in this niche, what better way to help than with knowledge under the form of a blog? Ayy! I’m joking. Actually, I am not joking.

I still have a day-to-day job to survive and make my living here. Being an FPV pilot is a difficult and expensive hobby for sure. And dangerous, if you don’t know what you are doing. Therefore, I would strongly recommend you research some topics in this blog before you get started. I am probably going to create a web series (YT and/or blogposts) covering everything is to need to know to start from zero and becoming an independent FPV pilot.

But enough with this. What else can I say about myself? well, not too much. I am just a regular person with a regular job, which wants to make a difference for others in the FPV industry.

I hope you stick to this blog and find the content here useful for you. I would really appreciate it for you to subscribe to this blog and follow us(me) on other channels (YT, IG, TK). Take care and stay safe!

LovelyScape Disarmed!