LovelyScape Stock Media Terms & Conditions

We also produce footage, audio, and stock images on top of our activities. We share these stock media on our YouTube channel. 

This policy applies to using the stock media from our YouTube Channel and not other places, such as Pexels, where their policies will cover the stock media.

Originality guarantees: We guarantee that everything we publish on Lovelyscape Stock Media YouTube Channel is original and created by us. 

As these stock media will be uploaded there first, we use the timestamp method to takedown any videos or submissions that will heavily go against our terms and conditions.

What you are allowed to do:

– You can use our stock video or audio on personal or commercial videos with no issues

– You can modify this video in any way you like, as long as it doesn’t negatively impact us.

– You can monetize any content containing this video.

– Attributions are not required.

What you are NOT allowed to do:

– Do not attempt to claim that the video or audio downloaded from our channel belongs to you entirely by any means

– Do not redistribute or sell the video or audio on any stock footage website or other places without being part of a video or project (copy/paste method)

– Do not use the video or audio in anything offensive or racist material

Risks involved:

You should be aware of a couple of risks involved: Although we use YouTube as a platform to share these videos with you for free, we cannot guarantee any smooth operations or that there won’t be any issues at all (as with any YouTube channels doing same as us). We are not to be held responsible at all for any issues that may affect your own projects or channel. We will try our best to help you, but never held us responsible for providing stock media for free.

For instance, we will NEVER claim these videos, but we cannot guarantee that some other criminals won’t go at length to do it – we will do our best to ensure fair use of our media and prevent any issues for anyone using our media.

We do appreciate you checking these policies, and with honesty, unless you go dark side with our media, there should be no problem at all to use as much media as you like at any given time.

Just be fair to us and our work. We put hard work and time behind this.

Any subscribers to the above-mentioned YouTube channel will be very appreciated and help us produce more content.

If you have any issues or found our media is being used against our t&c, please contact us using the contact form from this website. Thank you.